February Art Month 2015

We so loved our first Art Month experience in 2013 that we’re going for it again. Our members’ creations to date are:

February 1: wet felted mandala by Sheila Ie

“This mandala was constructed during a workshop facilitated by Nancy Wesley of NanC Designs. It took about 4 hours to construct from conception to finish and then 3 days to fully dry. Was great fun and I highly recommend Nancy for a workshop.”

Materials: 7 balls of coloured hand dyed wool roving, water, olive oil soap.


February 2: “Untitled Tree Study 2” by Sheila Ie

“Here is a page from my sketch book of a piece that I am working on right now. Hopefully I will have a finished piece of this study in time for the Spring Arts Show.”

Charcoal and pen and ink on paper.


February 3: “Dandelions” by Angie

“I painted these (dandelions? on water? doesn’t have to make sense…) this morning with a spatula in yellow, blue, grey and white acrylics.”


February 4: quilted baby love by Kirsten

“Today I made a quilted change pad for my pending arrival.”




February 5: mosiac garden stake by Cindy

“This is the garden stake I made, hemlock base and assorted glass embellishments. The inspiration are the ocean breezes and warm sunshine that fill my garden on a summer day. It’s just awaiting grout as it had to dry!”


February 6: “Grief” by Linda

“This is my year of choosing to grieve fiercely. So, in honor of that I am posting a picture I coloured with felts the day before Wes died. It was the tsunami that I knew was coming and I just called it ‘Grief’.”


February 7: “Companions” by Maeve

Dedicated to Linda. Felted art. (For the full story, please read Maeve’s blog: http://cowichandale.com/2016/02/07/renaissance-for-the-renaissance/)


February 8: something by Patti

(Patti is being all arty in Cuba — she’ll share her art day creations when she returns.)

February 9: rock bracelet by Katie

“My parents are in Arizona for a few months, and my sister and I are here visiting them for a week. My sister is really into rocks and gems and minerals, and has a stunning collection of items. Yesterday we drove to Tucson so she could explore sites at the legendary Gem & Mineral Show. She’s been making jewelry and her creations inspired me for art month. I bought a few green beads at the gem show, received a donation of cord, and decided to make a bracelet. The round pink beads come from my sister’s collection and are called rhodochrosite. I chose a ceramic heart for the centrepiece.”


February 10: “Nervous Birds” by Heather M.

“I took my aunt Pat to a Paint Nite event for her birthday tonight. I am very nervous about attempting any visual art — not my comfort space. We had a great time. The flowers were the most fun. Also I love my bird with Elvis hair.”


February 11: something by Sheila Ie


February 12: something by Cindy


February 13: something by Kim


February 14: something by Kirsten


February 15: something by Patti


February 16: something by ….. (no one has signed up yet!)


February 17: something by Kim


February 18: something by Angie


February 19: something by Heather M.


February 20: something by Heather K.


February 21: something by Cindy


February 22: something by …….


February 23: something by Kim


February 24: something by Heather K.


February 25: something by Sheila Ie


February 26: something by Patti


February 27: something by Maeve


February 28: something by Kirsten


February 29: something by Heather M.


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