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February Art Month

"Tofino Dream Catcher," by Patti

Inspired by our January felting & looming workshop at Leola’s Studio, Renaissance Woman Sheila challenged the rest of us to commit to creating art every day for a month. We thought it was a great idea, and each signed up for a few days in February. (Not coincidentally, the shortest month of the year …)…

Weekend DIY: Create Life

homemade sourdough starter

I was jonesing for a kitchen project this weekend so finally tried something on my bucket list: making a sourdough starter from scratch. Sourdough bread is my absolute favourite, with its chewy moistness and subtle sour aroma. I usually feed my addiction by investing in $5 loaves from some of the Cowichan Valley’s many amazing…

How To Drink

Mike Gelling with Renaissance Women

We began the workshop with champagne, and it was immediately my favourite Renaissance Women gathering. Everyone oohed and ahhed at the table set for 14, almost covered in shiny wine glasses and 14 place settings. “Wine appreciation” made it onto our list of skills to learn sort of as a joke, but it easily topped…

Sabrina the Sourdough Starter

Super-tasty sourdough buns and pseudo-baquettes!

When I left home Sunday evening for our first ever Renaissance Women workshop, I thought bread making was a mystical art beyond my ability. My few attempts years ago resulted in brick-like loaves and carpal-tunnel-inflamed hands from kneading. Four hours later I had a sourdough starter named Sabrina in a jar in my fridge: 100g…

My Kitchen Garden

While I don’t consider myself a farmer, I think I might be a gardener. We’ve set aside approximately 3,000 sq.ft. at the front of our farming area for me to have a “kitchen garden,” where I’ll grow all the things that Brock doesn’t grow on a large scale. For example: sweet potatoes. I’ll also plant flowers, establish some perennials, and test out some medicinal herbs. Fun times!

Learning How to Make Kombucha

A kombucha SCOBY named Abigail brings home the idea that foods are living things. While I’ve made other fermented foods this summer (e.g. sauerkraut, fermented vegetables with salt water), I’ve never actually been able to see, touch, and name the “culturing agent.” She’s really quite large: bigger than my hand. And she’s whitey-beige, and has spots that make me think of eyes, and feels smooth like baby skin. So: Abigail.